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Indian Women’s Team Up for the Challenge

MANDALAY (MYANMAR): Ahead of Indian Senior Women's Team's opening match of the AFC Olympic Qualifiers Round 2 against Indonesia at the Mandalarthiri Stadium, Head Coach Maymol Rocky named the conflict as "mental litmus test for her group with extraordinarily high stakes."

The commencement on Wednesday (April 3) is slated for IST 2pm.

Talking at the authority pre-competition question and answer session, Maymol expressed: "We had played two neighborly matches against Indonesia in January, and they (Indonesia) demonstrated that they can be intense adversaries."

The Indian ladies' group has played 14 universal matches before coming to Myanmar, including two matches against Indonesia where India won 3-0, and 2-0 in Jakarta in January 2019.

"The way that we had won the two matches makes it harder for us rationally. We can't think little of them, and assume that we will beat them this time too," Maymol alerts.

"The stakes are unfathomably high tomorrow (April 3) and it will be a litmus test for us rationally. We should be rationally solid, and forceful."

"Each group will need to begin the Olympic Qualifiers Round 2 with a success, thus do we. A success in the principal match will place us in a decent position for capability, which we are going for."

In the mean time, captain Ashalata Devi educated that the group is prepared to address difficulties head-on. "We are planning to meet all requirements to Round 3. We are very happy to have amassed the introduction, and experience through the amicable matches that we have played before coming here to Myanmar."

The Indian ladies had conflicted swords against any semblance of Romania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan among others, and all their three adversaries of the AFC Olympic Qualifiers Round 2 since January 2019.

"Steady focused condition in a match setting has helped us build up our certainty. Today we know about our abilities. In the event that we play to the best of our capacities, we can overcome the absolute best groups in the locale," she included.

"We are not trifling with Indonesia by any stretch of the imagination. We should be on the highest point of our diversion in the event that we are to get a success. They play a quick style, and are destructive on the wings. We should be cautious about that."

In the mean time, the temperatures in Mandalay are anticipated to take off over 40 degrees Celsius, and the match will have a cooling break for the players too.

Mincing no words, Maymol expressed: "The climate can't be our reason, we are playing to win, and we won't let the climate direct our objective."

"What will be will be," communicated Ashalata. "We are here to play football, and spotlight on our activity."

Article Sourc: AIFF Media

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