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BETA B steps up for the Challenge

On 20 March, BETA B registers it’s first win against Los Diablos at Kothrud Premier League.

The BETA B‘s lineup for the match was as below,

Goalkeeper - Sannoog H

Defenders - Ashutosh P, Harshad K , Ajinkya Thube

Midfielders - Beenil J & Amartya G

Forward - Kaustubh B

Substitution - Hrishikesh K

The team started with a good start with good passing and few shots on target.

Later in The match the Los Diablos were focused on aggressive attacking. The LD attacker were successful to get max shots on target.

BETA B created few gaps in the mid-field. Harshad K won the ball n dribbled the ball on the wings. Then played its to their attacker Kaustubh. With a quick turn with a ball, passing a through ball back to Harshad. With Harshad clam finish BETA B scored their first goal.

Due to this win BETA B have now jumps 3 positions up. Now BETA B is now on 10th position.

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